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Rose water is an excellent hypoallergenic lotion with cleansing and toning effect on all skin types. It maintains the pH of the skin, stimulates regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory effects in acne and excessive sunlight. Maintains smooth and elastic skin. Its soothing properties are also applicable to eye baths for tired and swollen eyes and flaps. It is also suitable for cosmetic skin massage. Does not cause allergic reactions. It is very soft and you can even apply it to the skin of small children.

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Rose water has, in particular, strong antibacterial effects. It perfectly disinfects the skin and prevents the inflammation process. In particular, people with acne problems should use it. The rashes are not only cured but also preventive against their formation. At the same time, the skin is excellently hydrated, it does not allow it to dry like other alcohol-containing products. Rose water can also be used as cleansing lotion, does not cause allergic reactions. It is very soft and you can even apply it to the skin of small children. It can also be used for skin irritation. It even acts as a great mosquito repellent when it reduces the unpleasant feeling of itching.

It’s great for mature skin – toss it into wet skin after bathing and let it sink well. Another alternative is to add it to the bath. In this way, it will also act as aromatherapy. You can also combine it with a glass of milk and then dip it into warm water. You should have it at hand and always during the summer months. If you comb your skin in the sun, it will quickly soothe it and prevent blistering.

Composition: Rosa Damascena Flower Water, aqueous distillate (hydrolate) made from fresh Damascus rose lupins.

Note: Because of its pronounced antibacterial effects, pink water does not have to stabilize with any preservatives despite being a pure, aqueous solution without alcohol.

Application: Apply the amount of preparation to a cosmetic swab and twist the face, neck and neck, respectively. After adding to the powder mask, create a gentle face treatment paste. It is also suitable for treatment of the scalp and hair crown. After adding an appropriate amount of the preparation (about two tablespoons) to a warm 35-39°C, prepare a bath. The hydrolate can also be applied as a lining, in the form of a dispersion prevents the laundry and the interior of the interior.

Designed for everyday use. For outdoor use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures up to + 25°C and do not expose to direct sunlight and frost. After opening, use within 6 months. Do not use open wounds. Avoid eye area. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes without interruption from the inner corner to the outside (wear contact lenses to remove them in advance). If irritation occurs, seek medical advice.

Before the first use, it is recommended to transfer the so- Patch test, t. j. apply and test the cosmetic preparation for its tolerance on a small skin, preferably on the wrist and wait for 24h. This method can prevent the onset of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the product. If an allergic reaction occurs after application, wash the surface of the skin with lukewarm water. Immediately stop using the product. If the allergic reaction persists for a long time, seek medical advice.

TIP: After cleansing your face with hydrolates on damp skin, apply your favorite skin oil or royal serum with a gentle massage. This rehydrates skin and helps microcirculation.

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