Lavender – organic skin toner


Lavender water delivers freshness to skin, is suitable for all skin types and as effective disinfecting and healing water after shaving or depilation. This skin tonic has an anti-inflammatory effects. It can be applied as a daily make-up solution. Lavender water massage removes pores and reduces skin redness. It is also used as a regenerating hair lotion, leaving the hair soft and shiny. 100% natural product, contains no added ingredients (alcohol, preservatives, synthetic scents and dyes).

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The best-known and most used flower water of natural cosmetics is used to soothe, cool and heal irritated or damaged skin. It is used to treat eczema, refreshes and cools when overheated, helps with burns from the sun or wind. Lavender water tiles help reduce fever, treat headaches and migraines. Refreshing spray reduces stress. It is suitable for treatment of infant skin, for delicate disinfection of odors, for inhalation of respiratory infections. It is added to the bath and in combination with Harmanecol Hydrolate it helps with scalp and insomnia. Relieves during pregnancy nausea, pain and cramps, is effective on the healing walls of the dyestuff immediately after birth, is used as a refreshing spray during the first delivery period. It is also used for rinsing in vaginal infections.

Usage: Apply the amount to a cosmetic swab and twist the skin of the face and neck or after adding to the powder mask, create a gentle face treatment paste. It is also suitable for the treatment of the scalp and hair. After adding a suitable amount of hydrolate (about two tablespoons) to warm water 35-39 ° C, prepare a bath. The hydrolate can also be applied as a lining, in the form of a dispersion prevents the laundry and the interior. Also suitable for care of pregnant women, infants and seniors and to care for pet lovers who are too sensitive to strong odors. It is perfect such as mouthwash for mouth disinfection and squabbling.

Composition: Lavandula Augustifolia Flower Water, Linalool*. *Natural origin. Aqueous distillate (hydrolate) made from fresh Lavandula angustifolia Mill.

Note: Method of obtaining the hydrolate: Steam distillation of fresh lavender flowers of Lavandula angustifolia Mill. right on the spot of her July collection. Store the product at +25 ° C and do not subject it to direct sunlight.

Country of origin: France

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