Dead Sea Salt with Tea Tree Oil


Unrefined salt from the Dead Sea – 100% unrefined natural salt from the dead sea and salt enriched with organic herbs and essential oils. The herbs come from organic farming and are grown in Novohradské mountains in the Czech Republic. Essential oils are either certified organic or derived from wild plants. The product is free of synthetic dyes and aromatics. Packed in glass.

Country of origin: Israel

Weight: N/A

Salt for women with Tea Tree oil provides fine, yet effective care for skin and gynecological problems. We recommend using it as bath salt and for soaking baths when: yeast and bacterial problems, fungal infections, for better healing of scars (postpartum, gynecological surgery and surgery), for hemorrhoids, for acne – baths are very well suited for acne on the back.

Tea Tree Oil is the most commonly used natural antiseptic and is also valued for its antimycotic effects. It is obtained from the leaves of the cedar (Melaleuca alternifolia), which home is Australia. Beneficial is not only oil – it is also important the Dead Sea salt. Its use is recommended for chronic back and joint pains and muscle fatigue. At the same time, salt can be used to treat skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne). High concentration of minerals cleans, regenerates and bleeds the skin.

Ingredients: Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Maris Sal, Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Usage: Pour salt into the tub and relax! The amount of salt should be 0.15 – 0.5 kg per 100 liters of water. Sprinkle the salt into a small amount of hot water and, after dissolving, add the bath with water so that the concentration and the temperature are pleasant. Relaxation time is recommended within 20 minutes. After bathing, you can either take a shower (without soap, only with water) or let the salt dry on the skin – whichever suits you. Be sure to be at rest and warm at least one hour after bathing. For soaking baths, dissolve 25 g in 2 l of water. Be careful to try. Due to the Tea Tree oil, a stronger solution may be available to one woman, for others weaker solution. In general, if the bath is only a prevention, choose a weaker solution.

Note: Some people are sensitive to Tea Tree, even at a lower concentration. If you use Tea Tree for the first time, watch the skin’s response carefully. Moderate burning of inflamed sites (eg open acne) is normal. In pregnancy, we recommend consulting a doctor about the appropriate use of Tea Tree salt with oil.

Storage: Store in clean, dry, dark and ventilated areas at 5-25 ° C.

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